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I would like to replicate this circuit. Just wondering will this circuit still work if I increased the number of speaker to speakers?

I may just try to use a plastic enclosure, but I put a lot of effort into setting up the Altoids tin just right. There was no volume difference using the 10 Ohm versus 10 kOhm resistor.

Build a Great Sounding Audio Amplifier (with Bass Boost) from the LM386

Adinol on December 23, at 7: Though its better if you do…… But if you search in Google with the name of the project you will find the script…… Just copy and paste it Reply.

Hi I was wondering about this amp are those mono amps? So the two negative wires would connect to the negative rail, and the two positive wires would connect to the negative side of the uF capacitor.

Algen on May 14, at 8: Thanks for this article, i was looking for something like this! The default gain is You can use another value for all of the capacitors, but they should around the lm36n-1 value Reply. Risks are eventual continuous current coming from the source blows the LM IC, or worst case a problem with this amplifier circuit, causing continuous current flowing to the source, makeing hot-dogs of your connected smart phone. Akmal on December 13, at 9: Shafin on October 1, at 1: Sanath on December 23, at 3: I have only 4 days from my deadline….


Thanks man it is working perfectly fine but i want to use it on biger speakers for louder sound. Sure, I just added schematics for each circuit… Reply. If you want to lessen the jumper wires, use stapler pins for the short connections….

The bass boost and the gain pots are not connected to ground. This circuit not working at all Reply. Will it work with a guitar with two humbuckers?

Thanks in advance Reply. If you were to put this in a copper layout what would it look like.

That amp was designed for car audio use, so it might be a better choice for you project… http: Cant seem to figure out what is wrong cos i followed the diagram exactly without success Reply. This is the best project with an LM I have seen in the Web, for many reasons — very professional and cool, and yet easy for newbies. In neither case do I hear a change in volume when adjusting the potentiometer.


DungFung on July 29, at 6: Really the gain is very high superb earlier i was thinking to increase the volume. The actual output power you get will depend on your supply voltage and speaker impedance.

Texas Instruments/TI LMN-1 – PDF Datasheet – Audio Power OpAmps In Stock |

Hi Alex, this amp works great for headphones… Since the diagrams in the post are mono amps, all you need to do is build two amps, one for the right channel and one for the left channel. In other words, there are two foils that are rolled together and the foil that ends up on the outside should be connected to the negative, because that relatively large area of metal foil picks up interference, which results in noise in an amp.

Do i spend money for that. You can check the datasheet, the output power depends on your power supply voltage and the impedance of your speakers.

Hi Sanjeev, double check to make sure everything is connected properly, and the polarity of the electrolytic capacitors are correct… Reply. Where is the schmetic diagram? DIYNoob on March 28, at 4: