Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After a heroic attempt to be an English major forever, Captives of the Night (Scoundrels Book 2) – Kindle edition by Loretta Chase. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Captives of the Night, le livre audio de Loretta Chase à télécharger. Écoutez ce livre audio gratuitement avec l’offre d’essai. Such is Loretta Chase’s Captives of the Night, where an interesting mystery, two fascinating protagonists, complex interrelationships and.

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I discovered, after reading Lord of Scoundrelsthat it was part of a series, and there were two books which came before it. Did you like it there?

Captives of the Night (Scoundrels, #2) by Loretta Chase

It actually makes me think poorly of Jason, honestly, that he would work for a man who would butcher a whole village if a person in it displeased him. They become partners and investigate nasty dead hubby’s murder and soon their passions for each other collide.

Complex, difficult, flawed, manipulative and desperately lonely. Ten years ago, Beaumont rescued her on the night her father was murdered. Quotes chxse Captives of the N After a visit of three strangers in their nice Venice apartment year old Leila Bridgeburton finds herself all of a sudden a penniless orphan as the body of her dear papa is floating in one of the canals.

Gossamer Obsessions: “Captives of the Night,” by Loretta Chase

And the heroine is a painter in 19th-century France! That said, my expectations may have been overly high given that I thought Lord of If was one of the best HRs I’ve ever listened to.


What he isn’t prepared for is Leila Beaumont. It’s a delightfully realistic take on two people finding each other and giving themselves a second chance in happiness. As much as I don’t miss the euphemisms, I do miss the sensual seductions that used to precede outright sex in romantic fiction.

But she was and I didn’t. May 23, Publication Date: I recall him as being pretty awful in TLD. Still, I’m going to have to solve this murder, if only to keep it from going public.

Esmond, meanwhile, has two previous novels’ worth of sssssecretsssss that he has to hide from a woman who’s a lot more perceptive than even she thinks she is. Now, what can we do to get “The Lion’s Daughter” the first in this series to be re-released?

I despised the main character Ismael in the first book; but this book simply exemplifies the fact that we all grow and change. She frequently acted like a spoiled, temperamental, and generally unpleasant woman who was given to throwing tantrums.

This honestly is one of Chase’s best works and her hero Esmond is so unique and overall seductive in his talk and actions that Leila had no chance. Jan 21, Elis Madison rated it it was amazing Shelves: Of course, she can’t help but be tempted by the spy assigned to help her, Comte d’Esmond.

But now I’m back, and with a Loretta Chase novel, to boot. Feb 15, rameau rated it liked it Recommended to rameau by: Esmond, with a carefully hidden identity that would shock Leila to the core and Leila with her own secrets to keep Most of it takes part after the demise of dear Francis and very rightly so, that man was up to no good.


Ce que les membres d’Audible en pensent. I liked the heroine very much.

Captives of the Night

He’s honorable, but also just dangerous enough that I could believe in a villainous past or at least one full of seriously bad judgment. A Sensuality Hot Book Type: Where are LC’s flawed but likable hero and admirab Who wrote this dreck? How does an author stop the heroine from becoming a contemptible doormat to an nighr husband while turning her into a possible adulteress and keep her relatable to an average romance reader? This book is involved and you will need to keep track of the character names and events.

Unusually, I will probably listen to this again some time, just so I can close my eyes and imagine Ismael standing there talking to me! It seems she did so to emphasize the fact that the man came from a very wild and exotic country, apparently full of man-eaters, dragons, vampires and such. Vamos, que estaba deseando terminarlo.

Kate Reading does her usual excellent job with this second volume of the Scoundrels series.