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Can you describe the pattern? Sleeve were snug and armholes up higher under your arm.

Hi again Pierce, If we had an idea of exactly where your vest is too tight we ltterloh be better able to pinpoint the problem. My vest turned out wonderful!

Lutterloh pattern system | Vintage Fashion Guild Forums

All of the Lutterloh site sell your missing items. Please note the delivery estimate is greater than 6 business days. If you look at the links on our sidebar to the right you’ll see a section titled, “Lutterloh web sites you should check out”. I usually baste my darts in if I’m not sure with the vintage patterns. How is this done?


It is very helpful. So today, I began again with a contoured waistband I think this might just solve your problem.

I see we didn’t answer you so if you haven’t solved this problem already. I have a question for you more experienced ladies. December 26, at 7: Hi lillibet, In the vintage books the darts drawn on the patterns are merely a suggestion as to placement.

I highly recommend the classes from NZ Lutterloh. Once you know what adjustments you need you will do that in ever pattern. We have several listed on the right side bar. Hi, just came across this and so glad I did. I just got an older version of the Lutterloh system. Unknown, the answers to many of your questions can be found in the links listed on the right side rkler of the home page.


He talked a lot about the need for a walking foot and roller foot and how to use them. I did the bust and hip measurements, but the completed product always is too small.

I am still learning and I rank myself an intermediate sewists. Beth, It would help to know the nature of the antique patterns.


I do have the pattern fitting video if it is the one that looks to have been done in the early ‘s. Next thought, are you large busted and narrow hipped? If it is just a whisper over you’d be ok.

I rewatched the video and I am measuring the Frank measures in the video. Monday, July 6, Making a pattern.

Lutterloh pattern system

Unknown July 9, at I’ll just enjoy the book I have here and will be giving one of the more simple patterns a try because I’m curious. They are all cut out now in muslim because I have no more “cheap fabric” to practice with.

However there is no way to turn Other patterns into Lutterloh patterns. My two problems luttfrloh the pockets my fault and the crotch length.