The Door is a novel by Hungarian writer Magda Szabó. The novel concerns the developing relationship between a young Hungarian writer and her. One of The New York Times Book Review’s “10 Best Books of ” An NYRB Classics Original The Door is an unsettling exploration of the relationship. The Door continues to be eerily resonant, as Szabó’s consideration of the changing sociopolitical terrain in s–s Hungary speaks across borders of time.

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Helen Mirren nel ruolo di Emerenc nel film omonimo del del regista Ivan Szabo.

The Door by Magda Szabo | : Books

In one sentence I’d call it a compelling haunted story of the very blurry line between what we perceive ourselves and others to be and who we really are.

The prize, I reflected bitterly, had already begun to work its influence. It would ultimately lead to a tragedy and regret. Both women come from vastly different backgrounds. It was opened by someone who defended her solitude and impotent misery so fiercely that she would have kept that door shut though a flaming roof crackled over her head. This book raised so many questions. Emerence is not a demure servant, she comes and goes as she pleases but sometimes she works all night, cleaning everything in sight.

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She prepares meals that you’d better like, she brings gifts that you’d better ezabo I was baffled, moved, scared and eventually relieved. This is the first work I’ve read by Szabo, and I’m sorry I got to the party so late. Jan 27, Pages. I believe that when one comes across a commendable book, it becomes essential to cherish the prose with intellectual finesse and not mockery as it silently pays a tribute to the efforts and thoughts of the author. The frost on my eyes made it tricky szqbo see the peculiar lady carrying a christening bowl with glistening chicken soup.


View all 3 comments. The complex and unusual relationship between the two women and with the most expressive representative, Viola the dog develops and leads them mavda commit themselves into a secret pact and then into the climax of the story which the writer will have to carry for the last of her life.

It was as simple and as complicated as that. The novel begins with Magda, the narrator, recounting the recurring dream that haunts her in her old age. This book raised s I found the atmosphere of this novel to be full of darkness and despair.

The narrator, a writer, has made accommodations with the government, though these are not spelled out. I have rated this five doro, not so much on how much I enjoyed the book so much as how much it got under my skin.

A giver more than a taker, she always knew what really matters.

It was well worth the read and a thought-provoking experience about the different emotional languages we all use to express the memories we dared not talk about. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: They often just confirm my biases or affirm my actions. Emerence was a servant, working for an author and her husband. An uncomfortable look at the barriers that we put up to protect ourselves, and the price that is paid for that self protection.

Harvill Press August 23, Language: Afte How on earth could the telling of the life and character of an aged Hungarian cleaning lady feel so eerily uncanny? It was Virginia Woolf who first drew attention to the relationship between creative output and domestic chores. Szabo wrote thee prize winning novels during the course of her career, including both this book and the one depicted in it.

Neppure la splendida Helen Mirren nella parte di Emerenc riesce a risollevare il tono di un film nato male tra i tanti misfatti: I liked other people’s even less. Even though Magda is seen as self absorbed and Emerence as cold, over the course of the novel I came to deeply admire the two women as did the people who lived in their neighborhood. Magda, out of genuine concern, intervenes and arranges to forcibly take Emerence to a hospital to recover.


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Poi ci fu la riabilitazione e il ritorno alla scrittura a tempo pieno. Halfway through, I was certain it would be a top-ten book, maybe book of the year. What makes this novel so irresistible is the secrecy surrounding Emerence’s life. Quotes from The Door.

Labours of love

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The author misunderstood her words, just like the Lieutenant Colonel did not speak the same language magds Emerence when it came to expressing their feelings and emotions.

Read more Read less. The writer and her housekeeper cannot be more different from each other in terms of their religious and political leanings and value systems.

Her works were censored during the Stalinist era between andand became known only during the last few decades of her life. E si ripresenta spesso in uno schema costante: August group read: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Magda absorbs the sting in the truth of her words. Emerence and the dog, however, form a very quick and incredibly close bond, and the dog, whom Emerence names Viola even though it is a male adds an extra dimension to the relationship between the two women – Magda, the dog’s owner, and Emerence, the dog’s master.