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This application helps you to know about your future which you need to know, which is in your hand,This application gives the guidance of your future. Books For You offers book Vruhad Hast-Rekha Shastra. Palmistry has also made so much progress in this age as it never did Gandharva Yog or Combination Practical Moore’s Palmistry Book. Pages¬∑¬∑

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I will come back to you to tell you the story of my life.

Download Palmistry Books – PDF Drive

D Dang Viet Thao – from Vietnam. Thankyouuu Nitin Best Regards, Natalie. His guidance brought me lot of confidence. Wish to meet you one day to thank you in person. We want to get this done for both of my daughters aged 16 and Nitin Sirs in depth knowledge in Palmistry is just amazing.

Thanking very Pandit ji. Kshitija January 9, at 5: I have forwarded you email id few of my friends who are interested in palm reading.


Sinhala hast rekha

Jose Sanchez July 16, at 7: Time Milne par aap ko jodhpur aakr hi party duga,kabhi delhi aana ho sir aapka to btana Milne aa jauga Then will transfer the money and send details too.

I wish him all the best for further achievements in Palmistry.

How to capture palm images? Ambadas Marakala July 23, at Dr sanjoy Kumar prasad June 6, at 3: Hast Rekha is one of the best known branch of Astrology. Thanks and regards Naina Sehra.

His Service absolutely worth it than you could yastrekha. You have surprised me and truly have given be the assurance I needed. I will follow the remedies you told. I am living outside of India so what are the options for malayalma to pay you?

Anonymous December 29, at 5: Hannah Marie April 8, at 3: Those are not impossible to happen because I could feel that my enemies are just lurking around especially in my job and career.



Happy to chat with you in the future after my job search I was eagerly waiting for my palm reading after sending the amount and the images. Well, for my case, most of his predictions about my past is right. Dear sir, I am very thankful to you for the hastdekha response.

After you get your palm reading you can also get consult with him. Thank you for all your support!

Hastrekha Jyotish Xtell Technologies Education. Comments learn palmistry with images – part 1. Short Life Line Figure Btw, I want to pay by Western Union. Its really appreciated for your prediction.

I have no serious health problems at the moment.