FASHIONWARE. COSMETIC CYBERWARE. Biomonitor. N. +2 to Resist Torture & Drugs. 1. CP Skinwatch. N. Subdermal timepiece. 1. CP [ Return To CyberPunk Archive ] FashionWare, -, Appearance And Cosmetic Cyberware. Little hi-tech gadgets common to the CyberPunk future. New Cyberware for Cyberpunk [The following article contains 4 new pieces of cyberware.] Author: unknown.

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Full Body Conversions

If I don’t spill these pills around again An Exotic Catgirl “Exotics” is a form of fashion and biosculpting that creates physical forms that are animal-like in appearance, or is something cybrware that looks entirely inhuman.

Because of the potential radiation hazard, N-Cells are not recommended to be used as the backup batteries for the ‘borg’s biopod.

Sitting still starts to be a mental challenge. And so does Lord speak: There’s nothing to stop you from changing your look and Attractiveness when you feel in mood – if you can afford it. However, the procedure is costly, available only in a few most advanced hospitals usually university clinics ran by the best medical universities in the world.

Movement Allowance is useful but can be increased to 12 by buying the Speeding Bullet or Corvette cyberlegs from one of the Chrome Books. The rake has a range of 1 meter and inflicts 1D6 in damage each time it hits. A high Empathy can be important because having cybernetics installed gradually reduces this stat.

It is considered that cyberrware biopod will rely on its own breathing, power and nutritioning devices, however, custom made cases with built in “lungs”, nutritive medium containers and batteries are available. This is also the first indication of which stats are most important in the game. There’s only one way you can go to end this misery: Remember to add whole body’s damage bonus to hits caused by cyberlimbs – the damage dealt is as well a matter of the limb’s strength, as the strength of whole body.


The effectiveness is reduced in polluted water, and damage is still possible if xyberpunk pollution is toxic enough. These have all of the same functionality of normal limbs.

Cyberweapons | Cyberpunk Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A replaceable biopod is just something alike to quick-change mount for limbs – here, you can just swap bodies in a moment, not mere limbs. Add a bit more electricity, and they’ll start constricting faster and stronger. The adaptation therapy has to take place right after the surgery.

What revolutionary changes will come, or when they will come. Rebooting the system This is a maintenance procedure involving a complete shutdown of the borg’s systems, and restarting them again. A Quick-Change mount is standard, but if you really want to attach it permamently, go ahead!

The point is that while you’re likely to be less sane in less human bodies, however, in a contrary situation HL wouldn’t be that big. Often starts plotting a plan for “world domination”. A second line of defence for valuable data is Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics Black ICE — straight outta Gibson programmes, which can chase the hapless Netrunner back through the net to their ‘deck’ laptop with a ‘modem’ and kill them making their hardware cynerware and zap them!

As the game progresses, are PCs using their ill-gotten gains to load up on everything up to and including Full Conversions? The host just starts to get drowsy, edgy and hungry when the nutrient supply starts to dwindle. You don’t tend to have non-augmented friends, except in a professional capacity. At least not when we do have in mind a ‘borg worth his name.


Most people wear false fingernails over their rippers, making them much harder to spot a difficult task. A roll of a 10 is an exploding die: They should have been brought an Ego, these lazy idiots. You don’t have a body any longer, so most diseases that are nightmares of modern society do not affect you. Cyberoptics often look borg-like, with external lenses and other hardware. The supplies are heavily concentrated, and need loads of water to dissolute and function properly.

The mechanical bodies do need power either replaceable fuel cells or reloadable batteries and a routine maintenance from time to time.

Exotics | Cyberpunk Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They respect me in a way that I like, I’m the closest one to a boss in Ballantyne Enterprises, while there isn’t literally a “boss” in the group. Even if it’s only gossip about them If there’s less of chberware, simply note HL for that body part’s cover as 0. You seldom act on it. How do you like that, you worm? Types ctberpunk Cyberweapons Edit Scratchers: As the borg has nothing more than the brain itself, a normal dose of any drug would most probably cause an overdose and death.

I got this about a year ago.