A article by Amadeo Bordiga on the role which Germany played in the two world wars and which the author expected it to play in a future communist. Writings of Amadeo Bordiga on this server (Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Russian). [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] . Media in category “Amadeo Bordiga”. The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Amadeo 1, × 1,; KB.

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Communist Workers’ Party of Germany. The Left historically tried, without breaking from the principle of world centralised discipline, to give revolutionary battle — although defensive — while keeping the vanguard proletariat intact from any collusion with the middle classes, their parties and their doomed-to- defeat ideologies.

I already explained above, in my answer to the 14th question, that the Aventine Secession was a total capitulation to bourgeois and capitalist reaction. It was not a clear and unambiguous defeat, not even in terms of the internal party democracy — a method which we never acknowledged.

For Bordiga, the Western European communist parties’ strategy of fighting this ebb by absorbing a mass of left-wing social democrats through the united front was a complete capitulation to the period of counter-revolutionary ebb he saw setting in.

Later, when Balbo crossed the Atlantic, the brave workers of Parma wrote in large letters on the banks of the stream the following taunt: Why did you also flatly refuse the role of vice-president of the International which had been offered to qmadeo by initiative of the Soviet delegation?

At the end ofat the Fourth Congress of the International in Moscow, you spoke against the view of the majority, of Zinoviev and of Lenin himself, claiming that it was neither useful nor just for the communists amadei attempt to merge with the socialists to create a coalition government. Does this interpretation correctly reflect your thinking?

The group reached Russia in a special train, as part of a broader Italian proletarian delegation which included: Bordiga was concerned about Gramsci’s ill birdiga, but nothing came of a plan to help him escape the island. What were its aims? Worker sabotage in a financial services call centre.

Fredo Corvo – Iran: To be consistent with our methods, we chose as our delegate the comrade in charge of overseeing the union organisations that belonged to our Party.

Bordiga proudly defined himself as anti-democratic, believing himself to be following the tradition of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. For him, no society in which money, buying and selling and the rest survived could be regarded as either socialist or communist—these exchange categories would die out before the socialist rather than the communist stage was reached.

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We know very well that the opportunist danger, ever since Marx fought against Bakunin, Proudhon, Lassalle, and during all the further phases of the opportunist disease, has always been tied to the influence on the proletariat of petty-bourgeois false allies. In analyzing the agriculture of the Soviet UnionBordiga sought to display the capitalist social relations that existed in the kolkhoz and sovkhozone a cooperative farm and the other a wage-labor state farm.

We steadfastly maintained that the real enemy and foremost danger was not Fascism, much less Mussolini the man, but rather the anti-fascism that Fascism — with all of its crimes and infamies — would have created.

The Amadeo Bordiga Internet Archive

The workers who occupied those cities responded with all the means at their disposal, while totally abstaining from work. Bordiga remained with bordiya ICP until his death at Formia in As for me, as a member of the Italian abstentionist faction I borfiga not part of the Party delegation. About Amadeo Bordiga Amadeo Bordiga was the first leader of the Italian communist party, bordiiga he helped found inalong with Antonio Gramsci, who became better known. Journal of Socialist Theory.

At the headquarters, Grieco and I took care of the general correspondence and of the instructions to the editors of the three party newspapers, which were: He attended his last meeting of the Executive Committee of the Comintern inthe same year in which he confronted Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin face-to-face. Some have called it a testament, but it leaves no instructions for the future.

Against anti-fascism: Amadeo Bordiga’s last interview

Amadeo Bordiga was the first leader of the Italian communist party, which he helped found inalong with Antonio Gramsci, who became better known. The Mental Patients Union, This was the only way to rebuild a new International movement safe from the risk of repeating the horrendous catastrophe of Augustand that could be cured once and for all from the infectious disease of social-democratic and minimalist opportunism.

Another danger to be avoided was that that our peripheral groups might relinquish to Ambrosini vordiga his men any of borduga arsenal, although the secret caches we had managed to assemble at that time were far from massive. Criticising the Turin group, Il Soviet wrote: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Nevertheless, he was criticised by Lenin in his work “Left-Wing” Communism: Bordiga also spoke to journalists Sergio Zavoli and Edek Osser for a filmed interviewexcerpts of which were included in a documentary on the rise of Fascism.

To what extent was that defeat premeditated and willing? I do not offer this objective account of the relationship between Gramsci and me amqdeo a way to explain my expulsion from the party, therefore from the Communist International, to which your question refers. Thus it is, owing to the sound intelligence of that proposition of Marx and Engels, which has a dialectical and historical sense – and not because they were supermen of a akadeo special type of race.

He thought that a revolution in Europe was possible, that it had been possible. My impression to this day is that his uncommon intelligence led him, on the one hand, to share and completely agree with my radical Marxist propositions, which he appeared to be hearing for the first time; and, on the other, to articulate a subtle, precise and polemical critique, which already emerged from the substantive differences between the positions of our respective periodicals: For Bordiga, program was everything, a gate-receipt notion of numbers was nothing.

Many regard that decision as a possibly fatal mistake. The Fundamentals for a Marxist Orientation 4. Such left-wing current fought particularly in order to have more rigid conditions of admissions construction of the new formal structurecompletely put them into effect in Italy, and it was the first to realise the danger for the whole International, when they gave faulty results in France, Germany, etc.

We all know that, when the situation radicalises, countless elements will side with us, in an immediate, instinctive way, and without the least training course aping scholastic qualifications.

At the end of the fascist government sentenced Bordiga to exile on the borddiga of Ustica and then Ponza, where he remained until November Rather, marching together under that political flag requires sharing the same fundamental ideas about the universe, history and the role of humanity within it. We only accepted the hotly-debated stance of creating a single trade union front, while rejecting any political fronts or blocs.