Read Asa-di-Var in Original Gurmukhi, English transliteration and English format; 2 Structure and meaning; 3 The message of Asa ki Vaar. Explore, Learn, Relish Asa Ki Vaar with audio at Asa Di Var – – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read asa di vaar . vwr slokw nwil slok BI mhly pihly ky ilKy tuMfy As rwjY kI DunI ].

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No one remains here when the count of the breaths is full. The magicians perform their magic in the market place, creating a false illusion.

Whoever has come, shall depart; all shall have their turn. He then married again and had two more sons. As the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon they entered the main gate and to their surprise, they were greeted by members of the royal court of the city who decorated Asraj in garlands of flowers and jewels, while musicians played celebratory music for him and everyone danced for joy.

Everyone bows down to himself; no one bows down to another.

Asa di Var

In the Fear of God, the sun shines, and in the Fear of God, the moon reflects. When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.

It touches our own kitchen. As I was walking slowly through the narrow streets to my home, I was constantly thinking about how I could learn Gurmukhi as quickly as possible. This page was last edited on 19 Julyat Great is His greatness, as He gives without being asked.

O Nanak, those who do not think of the Guru, and who think of themselves as clever, chh utay t il boo-aa rh ji-o su nj ay an d ar kh ay t. This world is the room of the True Lord; within it is the dwelling of the True Lord. You are the Knower of all; You give life, and take it away again with a word.


Asraj then quickly recovered and regained his inner strength. One knows the Truth only when he receives true instruction. O Nanak, the soul of the body has one chariot and one charioteer.

They eat the meat of the goats, killed after the Muslim prayers are read over them, cha-ukay upar kisai na jaa n aa. This memory is no doubt one of my dearest and most valuable. He, the Creator who formed the world, cares for it. The impurity of the mind is greed, and the impurity of the tongue is falsehood. Her wish was for one of her sons to become the next king and she secretly conspired to get rid of Asraj, the current heir to the throne.

This soul wandered through countless incarnations, until the True Guru instructed it in the Word of the Shabad. There is a famine of Truth; falsehood prevails, and the blackness of the Dark Age of Kali Yuga has turned men into demons.

So fi call her bad?

One obtains great pain, in the love of duality. It was given as a blessing to humanity to unfold and share the true Wisdom of Life. False is the mansion, false are the skyscrapers; false are those who live gkrmukhi them. They throw themselves upon the ground. There, only the Truth is judged true; the sinners are picked out and separated.

The false find no place there, and they go to hell with their faces blackened.

The biggest lesson for me that day was simplicity. O Nanak, without the True Name, of what use is the frontal mark of the Hindus, or their sacred thread? Greed and sin are the king and prime minister; falsehood is the treasurer. That mouth gurmu,hi does hurmukhi chant the Naam, and without the Name eats tasty foods naanak ayvai jaa n ee-ai t i t mu kh thukaa paahi. O Nanak, those who do not think of the Guru, and who think of themselves as clever.


Beholding them, the people laugh, and then go home.

They too have dj same taste. The Lord is the greatest of the great; great is His world. True are Your actions, and all Your deliberations. Great is His greatness, as great as His Name. Those servants, whose destiny is awakened, serve the Lord. Great is His greatness, as True is His justice. The gift I seek is the dust of the feet of vaarr Saints; if I were to obtain it, I would apply it to my forehead.

He Himself creates, and then He Himself destroys. Your devotees are pleasing to Your Mind, Lord. He alone receives the Truth, unto whom You give it; then, he practices Truth.

False is the king, false are the subjects; false is the whole world.

> Asa di Var English Translation | from dusk to dawn

gurmkhi Coming into contact with the sinful human body, the food becomes so impure that is is spat upon. That mouth which praises the Lord continually is blessed and beautiful.

He may issue whatever commands he wishes, but he shall have to take to the narrow path hereafter. What sort of love is this, which clings to duality?

Some people argue that the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev ji wrote the first 9 together on one occasion and later wrote 15 more stanzas on a different occasion but Professor Sahib Singh and some of the foremost Sikh scholars believe that the whole Var was written at the same place as the Var itself proceeds in a definite uniformity.

Around your neck is a rosary, and on your forehead is a sacred mark; d u-ay Dh o t ee bas t ar kapaata N. Having created the beings within it, He oversees their birth and death.