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This condition poses another problem to solve.

This value for the short segment between adjacent vertebrae gives a measurement error of 1. Expected Photogrammetric system should bilmechanika both the spatial location of all body segments.

Bober, Tadeusz ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

In addition to the aforementioned substantive requirements must be able to work under normal conditions, housing the medical center, clinic or rehabilitation facility. Clinical Biomechanics Nowotny J. And again, as in the tale of the golden fish, it is still not enough.

The ability to limit the mobility of conditioning the system support is just as important as mobility. Greater capacity for spatial perception can not be expected from the medics. The test range of motion of each joint is a basic research in orthopedics and rehabilitation. Vertical posture of the human body is a specific distance from the earth’s head, shoulders, hips. This understanding of human body movement changes the perspective of his research.


Examination of a man standing on the CD strain shows the presence of body movement even when standing still. Already inBernstein argued that the motion control based on the reduction of degrees of lax kinematic chains.

This view has continued until Newton times seventeenth century Glencoe Skeletal system as a passive system, works ” better or worse depending on the spatial and anatomical structures. Depending on the richness of complete traffic conditions in which movement takes place.

Walking healthy subjects only two times higher than resting metabolism. The weakest link is the person setting out the position of the examined segments. Conviction late PhD eng. The movement of the body to maintain upright posture is a fundamental human movement.

Rehabilitation – expectations of photogrammetric methods – Tadeusz Mazur – Robert Koprowski

Position and orientation in space ukqdu bones during movement: It is very important that the marker on the skin corresponds exactly to the designated point of bone. The human body is constantly changing: The cooperation of specialists in the field of photogrammetry, computer science and medicine in the first place requires openness, kindness and faith in the partner, which at first I did not know and did not quite understand.

The use of several synchronized digital cameras and the corresponding markers on the surface of the body helped to solve this problem. However we can not easily estimate the movement of the engine, suspension, traction conditions, etc. They are mutually orthogonal planes intersecting at the center of gravity.


Unfortunately, the general understanding of motion is only limited to changes in position relative to the reference point.

Bober, Tadeusz (1932- ).

Abolished the movement of certain body parts is a prerequisite for the effective operation of the system of so many degrees of freedom of movement. Countervailing power and the force of gravity are equal only in one particular case – when the two forces are ukqdu the same axis and have opposite directions. In examining the mechanism for the maintenance of upright posture should be assessed on the one hand immobilization, stabilization, on the other hand mobility. System designed to evaluate the most czowiekaa developments for the assessment of the musculoskeletal system to fulfill it is task if it is available where it is most needed, namely in the doctor’s office.

Robert Koprowski

Setting the articular surface between the articular vertebral appendages L4, L5 and S1 in the sagittal plane significantly reduces rotational movements of the spine. Therefore, we determine the photogrammetric test the following segments: Watching Formula 1, we estimate the movement of cars. These worlds differ not only cowieka, but mostly the logic of thinking. Medicine is dominated probabilistic phenomena, the world is a deterministic technique.