Everything from the tiger-eyes dial too the beefy case tells you this classic is from the 70’s. I bought this watch just before departing to the. I’ve previously posted my newly acquired Certina Blue Ribbon, which looks nice and works well. I’ve also looked at Martin Lovaszs’ schedule. Data: Certina cal: 27/28 jewels, center second, automatic wind, date. Size: 11,5”’ 25,60 mm. H: = 5,40 mm. N: = Power reserve: 46 h. Versions: .

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Service: Certina blue ribbon calibre 25-651

I do think the extra case work was worh it; The famous turtle case back. CertinaWinding pinion. I have come to understand that these are very often broken and spare parts are hard to find and expensive, so the best option is making your own.

The bottom plate comes apart. CertinaSetting lever. CertinaRotor axle, Used. Got to love those Certina movements! CertinaAutomatic winding wheel.


Certina information sought | Omega Forums

Is it posibble to replace this staff only? Thank you very much. CertinaDate change wheel. It is important it goes back the right way. The old mainspring looks okay.

It appears to be about 1. Well, not exactly, but it belongs to a friend of his, and there is a long story involving bicycles, watches, and other thingsā€¦ The gist of it is that Joris has to have the watch fixed, and will get a bicycle in exchange. The watch is on its way to you already. CertinaHour wheel, Ht: Making a new spring for the date wheel is quite a job.

On the plus side, at least you have the retaining ring steel which I had to make on the lathe.

Service: Certina DS 2 calibre: | Watch Guy

Looks to me like the spring can be replaced on its own, and is the number for the date jumper spring. A question I have relating to this watch and others is. Oh, Ceftina forgot btw: CertinaSweep second wheel, Ht: This is one funky beast! Is this patina starting. The spring at the dial wheel can be replaced, I learned that from an ex- Certina dealer.


CertinaSweep second wheel, Used, Ht: The spring profile appears to be about 0. And the movement is ready for casing.

Yes there is some Seiko diver hands; Enjoy the sun in Brazil! Certina certia, Third wheel, Used. CertinaPallet fork, Used.

CertinaWinding stem.

CertinaMinute wheel. Database For sale 47 Pocketwatches I polish the hands by pressing it down on a cloth with polish paste and very gently rub in one direction.

I put the cap jewel back in the balance and test that it swings freely. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.