CONTEXt: Stem and leaves infusion of Chuquiraga spinosa (R&P) Don. ( Asteraceae) is used in the Peruvian traditional medicine for its. Background: The main objective was to evaluate the possible protective effect of Chuquiraga spinosa extract on N-methyl nitrosourea (NMU)-induced prostate. The main objective was to evaluate the possible protective effect of Chuquiraga spinosa extract on N-methyl nitrosourea (NMU)-induced prostate cancer in rats.

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Gastric cancer was induced by oral gavage of NMU for 16 weeks. Dysplasia is more biologically related to malignant transformation of gastric mucosa and in this study, all animals that received the tumor inducing agents showed great dysplasia especially in the group that not received treatment.

The morphology of the rat stomach was observed by microscopy. Berstein LMauthor. This study includes an Animal model and add to understand human pathology but can be extrapolated to human beings in the future.

Identification of flavonoids from Chuquiraga spinosaAsteraceae. Z Asteraceae sp. Disruption of Fhuquiraga in villin-positive gastric progenitor cells promotes formation and progression of tumors of the antrum in mice. Gastric cancer is the third cause of death in the world 1 Gastric surgery including systemic lymph node dissection is the current protocol of treatment for gastric cancer.

Preliminary phytochemical screening and the analysis of the spinoda extracts by high-performance liquid chromatography diode-array detection showed the majority compounds are flavonoids and phenolic acid derivatives.



Habitat according to altitude: The extract was filtered and evaporated by using a rotavap. Preliminary phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of phenolic compounds, flavonoids, alkaloids, triterpenes and steroids. The antifungal activity of the extracts obtained from aerial parts of C. Level areas or slopes facing north. During the experimental process, international ethical principles for research using laboratory animals were respected. Ethical considerations During the experimental process, international ethical principles for research using laboratory animals were respected.

Cite This Article Vancouver Style:: This Asteraceae -related article is a stub. The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants.

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Anticancer attributes of desert plants: Dry, arid areas, with long drought periods of 6 – 10 months. The tumors were monitored by using histological examinations. Acanthophyllae Asteraceae-Barnadesioideaeand the evolution of its leaf morphology in relation to climate. Data were analyzed by using SPSS v. Phytochemical constituents of the ethanolic extract of Chuquiraga spinosa.

In regard to weights of experimental animals a significant increase of body weight was spiosa in all groups treated with ChS. Ann Med Biomed Sci.

Many medicinal plants are used by patients with cancer due to numerous positive effects on pain relief, vomiting, nauseas, depression, and anxiety. Effects of melatonin on islet neogenesis and beta cell apoptosis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats: The correlation between these results and total polyphenolic content was determined by Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient.

All the groups treated with ChS had lower incidence of inflammation and dysplasia. Table 1 shows the secondary metabolites present in the ethanolic extract of aerial xhuquiraga of Chuquiraga spinosa. Casado found that reactive oxygen species ROS are important xhuquiraga the pathogenesis of cancer and cancer cells have many ROS that induces malignant phenotype.


They have slinosa shapes and sizes of leaves, and two general types of flowers apparently adapted for pollination by hummingbirds and insects. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available with journals phcog. Perezia carthamoides Estrella blanca de cordillera. The slides were examined under a light microscope Olympus BX Some species have been used as fuel, as traditional medicinesand as ornamental plants.

Many plants from Peruvian flora is used to treat cancer as alternative treatment. Image of Chuquiraga spinosa subsp. Retrieved from ” https: ChS refers to Chuquiraga spinosa ethanolic extract.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antifungal activity of Chuquiraga spinosa.

Chuquiraga spinosa has antioxidant properties and positive effect on Malondialdehyde, nitric oxide and C-reactive protein levels. Variation in the prevalence of gastric cancer in Peru. The crude ethanolic extract obtained 20 g was stored until chuquirava studies. Evaluation of anti-inflammatory, analgesic and gastroprotective activities of Eunicella singularis fractions using in vivo assays.