At the same time, his experiment in the application of ethnographic methods to The case study at the center of Direct Action is the organizing and events that led David Graeber is an anthropologist and activist who teaches at the University. Direct Action*a thorough analysis of the ‘invisible architecture’ (p. ) of the At the start of this weighty ethnographic tome, David Graeber is in the early years. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Direct action: an ethnography | In the best tradition of participant-observation, anthropologist David Graeber undertakes the first.

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In ethnogrqphy words, it would necessarily involve something like the ethnographic understanding that Graeber elaborates here. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Preview — Direct Action by David Graeber. Written in a clear, accessible style with a minimum of Anthropologist David Graeber undertakes the first detailed ethnographic study of the global justice movement.

I believe in this project, and its clear Graeber does too. He details the participatory democratic process used by anarchists and radicals in the organization of protests against the Summit of the Americas in Quebec inand then describes radical culture, examining its arguments, ideas, symbolism, and meeting structure.

It could have been edited a lot tighter, losing perhaps a pages in the process and making the argument a little less repetitive and a little more stringent. Feb 09, Josiah Miller rated it really liked it. Having borrowed this door-stopper from a public library, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish it before the last allowed renewal but then I got into it. Perfect inbetweener when you’re reading up on more dense theory.

Graeber was active more or less in three groups during the period covered in the book: But more than that it’s made me want to seek out activist groups, organise, and take to the streets.

Also, it is very exciting. Along the way, he addresses matters of deep interest to anthropologists: Oct 29, Velvetink marked it as to-read.

Despite being sympathetic to it, being an anarchist himself, he paints the North American anarchist activist community as an inward-looking circle-jerk that’s about as likely to accomplish immediate tiny goals as liberal protesters whose tactics, big talk on the part of anarchists aside, end up being almost identical in practiceand somewhat less likely than certain species of reformists. How awesome was it to be able to hand people something with a blow-by-blow account of consensus process in a direct action context?


Nov 05, Andreas rated it really liked it Shelves: Starting from the assumption that, when dealing with possibilities of global transformation and emerging political forms, a disinterested, “objective” perspective is impossible, he writes as both scholar and activist.

Dec 08, Apemaskin rated it it was amazing. It’s fascinating and inspired a lot of conversations with friends as it inevitably became a huge part of my life for a few weeks, generating questions, disagreements, insights.

File:Graeber David Direct Action An Ethnography pdf – Monoskop

Want to Read Ethnograpjy Reading Read. Each chapter could be read on its own but I definitely learned a lot reading it in its entirety.

I couldn’t help thinking of Margaret Killjoy ‘s book on anarchist fiction, Mythmakers and Lawbreakers: The Truth Behind the Genoa Protests. Open Preview See a Problem? Thus, seasoned activists may find Graeber’s analysis and description of radical culture and ideas to already be common knowledge. View all 5 comments. From m Davix I didn’t read this book, I probably would have dropped out of my master’s program, completely disillusioned with anthropology and the state of many current ethnographies which reinforce oppressive hegemonic, racist and oppressive structures.

True consensus building is kind of a sacred act An Ethnography by David Graeber. Dec 22, Benjamin rated it it was amazing Shelves: This means any egalitarian society can only be created through an egalitarian process, something along the lines of the consensus process that Graeber documents in detail.

The first half of the book is the “ethnography,” which I put in quotes because it didn’t feel like the ethnographies I normally read, durect know, about indigenous cultures.

Direct Action e-book

And I will read it several more times. Now I just need to find a copy. Feb 28, Dylan rated it it was amazing. Goodreads reviews for Direct Action e-book. In other words, it would necessarily inv With “Direct Action” David Graeber has written an important and timely book.

Graeber understands society’s institutions as not a monolithic system of oppression but a bunch of barely-functioning bureaucracies taking the easiest road possible — a description which seems pretty accurate, given my own interactions with the government.


A furtherance of this theme, his book is not only intellectually stimulating and compelling, but activists get a lot of practical material from it too. Refresh and try again.

First of all, I read this book with theory in mind, despite the fact that Graeber sees theory in ethnography as largely irrelevant. Dec 19, Michael Kilman rated it it was amazing. This is something anarchists do a bad job of communicating to the public.

Direct Action: An Ethnography – David Graeber – Google Books

The second section of the book walks through further analysis of different sections of this story. To ask other readers questions about Direct Actionplease sign up. This case study, as much as the actions he describes, itself has radical implications- that one can be both an ethnographer and a participant who is not a faceless, subjective figure.

The book itself can be viewed I’m gonna go ahead and call this a great book. Direct Action is a big baggy book, with a lot of detail that will bore some and entrance others I was mostly in the latter camp. I read it before it was even done and I couldn’t wait for it to come out. Huge book, but it is very readable with a good mix of different styles of writing. I am not knocking the successes of the summit hoppers or Occupy which is looming in the future of this book like the shadowy outline a big friendly paper mache puppet hidden in a tear gas cloudI am just trying to be clear that I prefer to act locally, I guess, and to try to get some of these ideas out to people who don’t yet consider dzvid activists.

This was one of the main books we recommended at Skylight for folks coming looking for a way to think about and understand the Occupy movement.

David Graebers background ethnlgraphy anthropology makes everything he writes fascinating.