THE INDIAN UPRISING Source for information on The Indian Uprising by Donald Barthelme, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. By: William T. Hathaway “The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme is an iconic short story of the s heralding the defeat of the US empire. The Indian Uprising has 9 ratings and 1 review. Glenn said: The Indian Uprising is among the most popular of Donald Barthelme’s stories, one I.

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They also emphasize the importance of random differences over apparent unity, of flux and entropy over stability and continuity. The narrator, for certain, is bored—but not the reader. They are useless, turned inward, effete. She is supposedly unorthodox but successful with difficult cases like himself.

Throughout “The Indian Uprising” Barthelme continues collaging in elements in a predictable but satisfying way. Read more from the Study Guide. Aveirah added it Nov 12, Words themselves become more important than what they refer to. This section contains words approx.

The Indian Uprising

America, land of genocide Why are Indians attacking an American city in the 20th century? When he enters a new, masochistic relationship with Miss R. He and Sylvia are educated consumers of culture, very concerned with aesthetics.


He married four times. In later years they would have tremendous arguments about the kinds of literature in which Barthelme was interested and wrote. uprsing

: donald barthelme : “The Indian Uprising” critique

They are trying to show that meaning is shifting and impermanent, that knowledge and communication are dubious and subjective, not dependable. They attempt to dissolve the connections between words and what they represent, between name and form, signifier and signified. Although meaning is viewed as contingent, not rooted in any a priori absolutes, it is still possible.

Copyrights The Indian Uprising from Gale.

Introduction & Overview of The Indian Uprising

Follow Us on Facebook. Stella Tran rated it it was ok Oct 07, He is a member of the Freedom Socialist Party, a red feminist organization http: His second wife, Helen Barthelme, later wrote a biography entitled Donald Barthelme: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment barthelne As the story opens, it appears that Sylvia is the narrator’s main love interest, but she eventually abandons him, running off to join the Comanches and “uttering shrill cries.

His latest book, Radical Peace: But does language really do that? Donqld it is gone, he will have nowhere to hide, and this fills him with anxiety.


In his novel, Snow White, Barthelme suggests that the accumulated, ironically intoned details he terms “dreck” may reveal as much or more about life than more conventional, realistic narrative.

The Genesis of a Cool Soundpublished in To ask other readers questions about The Indian Uprisingplease sign up.

The soldiers halfheartedly fighting for the city are drawn from the immigrant working class: He has made one of these for each of his other relationships, all of which failed. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

He accepts no responsibility for the way the world is.

More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Indian Uprising. A selection of his writing is available at http: