One Second After has ratings and reviews. Timmy said: 5 things I hated about One Second After – 1. Every important adult male character. Apr 26, The Paperback of the One Second After (John Matherson Series #1) by William R . Forstchen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Jan 12, One Second After. William R. Forstchen, Author, Newt Gingrich, Foreword by. Forge $ (p) ISBN

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Don’t worry – there isn’t one situation in the book that will require your introspection or make you question your beliefs.

Quotes from One Second After. One in three is a victim of personal assault now, in the best of times.

The main character, John Matherson, is a history professor and former Army officer. EMPs are by their nature very interesting. Communicating with loved ones who are thousands fofstchen miles away will be much more likely if you have ham radio skills. Perhaps it aftet the historian coming out, but Forstchen took amazing events – battles, plagues, life and death – and rather dryly recounted them. While some are only using the programs to get a handle on unforeseen circumstances, too many see it as a way of life that is reflected in all aspects of their lives.

My husband has years of training and military combat experience, but when it comes to handguns he is the first to admit seclnd I outshine him. And what if that’s all we are required to do? There were holes and gaps in the story, and I really wanted a better battle scene when the Posse appears. A very interesting book, but read with caution as the horror is way too possible.

An EMP or solar flare will cause utter social chaos meaning riots, roadside ambushes, house-to-house searches by gangs some uniformed, some notand sdcond cannibalism when food supplies are gone.

One Second After

Okay, no one says that, exactly. It is written simply, with one-dimensional characterization and flat dialogue.

Easy to use, carries all you would want to carry on a bicycle, and — most importantly — it rides and tracks very well. Refugees, even armed, are subject to too many afteer that you have no control over. Then he proceeds to browbeat the pharmacists for allowing the mayhem in the store to occur.


15 Things I learned from One Second After & My Survival Tips – Survival Mom

As mentioned by many others here they have no concept of taking care of themself or planning for future. I blame both author and editor a bit in this area. Great movie starring Jane Alexander! Fair enough, if it were the only such observation. I wanted to punch the guy in the face. From a literary point of view, this scenario could have been rendered as a gripping human interest story in microcosm, but instead the author dissipates the force of the story with as Publisher’s Weekly pointed out in its review an increasing foray into jingoism, particularly near the end of the novel, and a reliance on pointing out repeatedly which feature films present the suggested ambience for given passages.

The Best Books of Lawlessness from people who are desperate to survive requires martial law and citizen tribunals, sometimes requiring death penalties.

I keep one in every vehicle, some at home. Even so, you better have at least 50 people armed to have any chance at survival. How to prepare your family for everyday disasters seclnd worst-case scenariosI wrote:.

This was a hell of a lesson to learn. The errors would make more sense if the book was in first-person, but this was written in third-person.

The protagonist is a whiny, self-important, sexually depraved, cigarette-addicted, horse’s a-hole. Forrstchen was conscripted to work post-war clean up, and fortunately knew clerical skills.

15 Things I learned from One Second After & My Survival Tips

That has me curious as to what cuppy is meaning. I have 2 boys, 9 and 11, just wanted some advice on how to get them involved without freaking them out. To be sure, they’ll do better and they will certainly help others to learn how to do better for themselves — if they survive as a cohesive group.

I really enjoyed this! He works at a military installation and would have to walk through some not so good neighborhoods to get home. Every element is terrifying and it is amazing how we are only the loss of a few resources we count on every day before we could be back in the dark ages – it is quite scary! Also, back during the Cold War, trucks would travel with a chain dangling from the back — this was grounding in case something happened.


They should of had an english teacher in the cast. He was kept in check by the main character. Mar 31, Alison rated it it was ok. Just prepositional phrases and run-on sentences in abundance, not an editor in the damn place, needed a cigarette to get through the pain, eleven left.

I knew it was a dismal and depressing book, so I procrastinated. Trivia About One Second After Any kind of male suffering is not developed until the very last section of the book, saved for the main character. It really, really helps to drill these things into our heads.

Sadly, this is in line with how most women are viewed in this book; there are some strong women but most are in caregiver roles while the men make the decisions and do their best to save the day.

One Second After – Wikipedia

I felt “One Second After” may offer a glimpse of what this could look like and what to expect. There were also too many comparisons, again during the latter part of the story, to similaries that happened during the Civil War.

Solar and a good supply of batteries to charge and cannibalize will make this sort of information available indefinitely plus you could learn how forstchenn make more batteries, or at least service them.

I am not about to review the actual details of the book, but every person needs to realize that we are so dependent on our food and medical supply chain, all of which shuts down if there is no electricity, as well as forstcben precariously we live in a world dominated by push button controls and sfcond that have taken over all aspects of our lives.