HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). OSCILLOSCOPE HM I Overscanning I Bandwidth DC MHz H Delayed Sweep H LPS Triggering to 40 MHz The HM demonstrates the. Hameg HM Oscilloscope problem. «on: January 16, , pm». Hey guys. The other day i went to the old stuff market and saw this oscilloscope.

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If magnification is used, this product must be divided by 5. In this mode the delay time, as set on the “DELAY” range switch and fine control, should not exceed the value of the unblanked display by more than times.

Transmission Performance of the Vertical Amplifier The transient response and the phase compensation can only be checked with the aid of a square-wave generator with a fast risetime max. It is recommended to use only the original packing material when the instrument will be shipped to HAMEG for service or repair.

The timebase fly-back must on no ac- count be visible. AC Voltage Change The instrument has a power plug-in unit at the rear. Maximum and Minimum Brightness Two variable resistors of kQ each, located on the upper edge of the vertical positioned Z-board, are us- ed for these adjustments see Adjusting Plan. Instrument Case Removal The rear cover can be taken off after both nuts on it have been removed and after unplugging of the power cord’s triple-contact connector. For sine-wave voltages the upper frequency limit will be MHZ.

This unit contains the three-pin power connector. These voltages are measured on the Check Socket with reference to ground see Adjusting Plan.


In the “GD” position any signal applied to the vertical inputs is not shorted, therefore preventing damage to the circuit under in- vestigation.

All push buttons should be in the “out” position. A further check of the vertical amplifier symmetry is possible by checking the control range of the “Y-POS. At slower speeds far greater magnification is possible.

Operation of the hameh is then limited to selecting a convenient time setting. One side of the case has a compartment which can be used to carry accessories, tools and spares.

Oszilloskop HM412-5

Specification Dimensions mm 62×21 x In this case, DC operation is to be preferred if the signal voltage is not superim- posed on a high DC voltage level.

Then the associated attenuator switch has to be set to a greater deflection coefficient. Haneg “delay” is selected the trace reverts to the full 1 0cm display without any blanking.

Input ca- pacitance approx. In should be approx. For many differential measurements it is advantageous not to connect both the probe ground leads to the test circuit.

The HM41 2 should trigger internally on 142 signals up to 40MHz perfectly at a display height of approx. Power consumption; 36 W approx. Therefore, all HAMEG instruments are under warran- ty for a period of one year, provided that no modifica- tions have been made to the instrument.

Pay attention to the Overscanning Indication see next paragraph. Incidental touches with dangerous voltage potentials are then unlikely. However, a complete recalibra- tion of the oscilloscope should not be attempted by an inexperienced operator, but only someone with suffient expertise.

The in- strument should be placed in a clean and dry room.


Oscilloscope HM412

This termination should nameg used to I terminate signal generators and koax -cables which have a 50 ohm characteristic impedance.

With the delay mode switch in the “norm. The bm, which control the trigger indicator, are stored for approximately ms only. Both the BNC and 4 mm signal plug have anti-kink mouldings while the hhm mm earth lead is fine stranded wire, to minimize the risk of the cable breaking. If a trace is not visible in either of these modes the overscanning LED’s will indicate the position of the trace. You must make absolutely sure that the electric strength of the voltmeter is sufficiently high.

It is recommended that any adjustments that have to be carried out inside the instrument are undertaken by qualified personnel. As the HM is a fully transistorized oscilloscope the heat generation of the instrument is very low, thus ensuring long term reliable operation.

Full text of “Hameg: hm 4 man”

If a suitable generator with max. However, the design of the HM is such that every component is operated well within its specified limits to ensure long term reliability.

The instrument is designed so that even incorrect operation will not cause serious damage. However, this work should only be carried out by properly qualified per- sonnel. This oc- curs, for example, with burst signals.

The basic requirement for this is a correct DC-balance align- ment on the input of the vertical amplifier see Operating Instructions.