“Among the Truthers” is a remarkable book, not least because its author, Jonathan Kay, appears to have emerged with his sanity intact after. Q: I so appreciate Jonathan Kay for highlighting this phenomenon, and Diane for hosting him. I’ve been aware of this trend for several years. In Among the Truthers,journalist Jonathan Kay offers a thoughtful and sobering look at how socialnetworking and Web-based video sharing have engendered a .

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Kay’s stated mission statement for this book is to not only profile individual Truthers but to also connect them with the greater tradition of conspiracy theories in history and offer “concrete solutions” to combat the growth of such theories in the future. And once people, perhaps, recognize that they ajong not onto something original, but are simply mouthing something that comes up in every generation, and that this is old hat, they’ve just changed some of the names, perhaps, maybe they’ll become self aware about their ideas and realize that maybe they should teuthers to others.

What can I say or do to convince them that these are lies? KAY With the Internet, that’s changed completely. Why assume the truthers are crazy simply because they are skeptical of a government that Kay acknowledges has lied repeatedly to start wars? I enjoyed Holy Blood, Holy Grail as much as the next guy, but it contained no evidence to support anything.

Throughout American history, conspiracy theories have flourished as anong way to explain pivotal events: See this article for more information on the subject. I can of course argue that leaving it as the end makes jonsthan too, since it takes the minutia and shows how these individual beliefs have broad influence.

Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground

Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our trufhers. The beginning in which Kay traces the history jonatgan conspiracy movements in the U. About Chris Mooney Chris is a science and political journalist and commentator and the author of three books, including the New York Times bestselling The Republican War on Science –dubbed “a landmark in contemporary political reporting” by Salon.

KAY I couldn’t say actually. That way they’re able to square the way history has turned out with their beliefs. In the end, this book had no teeth. REHM But these are otherwise, as you put it, rational thinking people.

The author does have a plan to fight conspiracy theories, and that is And they are often called truthers for shorthand. So he had to come out and show his long form birth certificate.


And by one study, about 2, books about the assassination, most of them dwelling on some conspiratorial element, some theory, the Mafia, Cubans, and that sort of thing.

KAY No, I don’t.

Jonathan Kay: “Among the Truthers” – Diane Rehm

Does Kay honestly think that Black’s credibility is not an issue at all? REHM You talk about the sort of conspiracy theorists who are going through a midlife crisis. Kay attempts to define the factors that cause people to believe in conspiracies.

Given the title and subtitle of this book, I was expecting something akin to Working: Among the Truthers really shook me up, more so than any expose of super churches or snake handlers. This would seem to indicate there is a growing conspiracist movement, but I question exactly how underground it is when leading candidates for the republican party are representing them. Login to your Account X.

REHM I was about to ask how the audience reacted. Bush during his presidency had exactly the same kind of radical character. And the — perhaps, the best example is Richard Gage, who is one of the leading conspiracy theorists.

Fifthly, Kay is a Jewish Zionist who throughout the book defends Jewish Zionists — although he never discloses this fact. It’s the paranoid who thinks that Obama is plotting to take away our guns and force women to have abortions so that he can usher in a Sharia backed socialist Muslim theocracy after all of the good upstanding Christians and patriots have been shuffled off to the FEMA death camps or murdered in their sleep with public health care.

So you will get conspiracy theorists who will exile other conspiracy theorists because they’re anti-Semitic. Jane passed away six years ago Christmas Day. Instead now it is my opponent is dishonest.

Outwardly, in fact, they looked and sounded like me. This “Day of Deceit” book is not a crazy book. Once these seeds of fear are planted, it seems almost impossible to reason with them.

Most annoying for me were comments telling me to ‘wait’ until a later chapter to learn about something, trurhers like ‘as discussed in X chapter’. In the JFK era, it took months or years for these theories to develop. So which part of the CIA do you work for young Chris? Ultimately, Kay does make some valid points, among them that The New Anti-Semitism particularly as it relates to conspiracism just repackages old antisemitism and that Obama birtherism did in fact presage a resurgence of far-right conservatism in the United States, but these points are correct in the same way that a broken clock is correct twice a day.


Hib doesn’t cause influenza, it causes bacterial meningitis. He leads Kay through what has become, by this time, a truthesr, serpentine trail of devious establishment machination littered with incriminating CIA, military and government memos. Most of them are otherwise integrated members of society and they’re mostly male. JONATHAN And there’s a lot of strong and copious statistical evidence that this may actually be happening and, yet, the conspiracy theory write off, you know, being lumped with people who say that, you know, aliens have put chips in our brains or whatever, and the, you know, never happened honathan idea, that wall of denial that this is America, the beacon of democracy, winds up thwarting any serious investigation of what is, actually, potentially a very serious threat to democracy.

It turns out to be actually more rare than I imagined. This author creates a book that will inspire discuss and many debates. It is oddly fortunate to live in a country which is so permissive in free speech, that such completely false and possibly harmful statements are allowed. Either they are coconspirators themselves, or they have been paid off, or threatened. Though he applauded Kay’s history of conspiracy theories and commentary about amnog role of the internet, Jesse Singal of The Boston Globe faulted Kay for a “tendency toward ideological axe-grinding”.

Many of the conspiracy theorists that I interviewed told me they were first radicalized — ’cause my initial question was always, where did this start, and many of them said this began not just on the internet but it began on YouTube or on Google Video where they began watching Loose Change or Zeitgeist or some other Conspiracist video production.

Among the Truthers, by Jonathan Kay

The 19th century was jonaathan huge period for that. He lost his family. Follow us on Twitter globebooks Opens in a new window. Found myself shaking my head for example to hear the connections that people are ‘protesting’ against countries and organizations that actually SUPPORT their causes.