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The Cu concentration in the soft tissue were ranged from 8, — 9, ppm, where in the scallop’s shells were 11, — 12, ppm, water were 0,07 — 0,14 ppm, and in the sediments were 13, — 17, ppm. The absorbption of calcium in the body is depending kreang some factors, one of them is calcium and phosphorus ratio in the food.

Breaking strength values in extrudate with modification calcium flour and corn flour are 8. Result show that extrudate snacks gave calcium and phosphorus ratio approaching 3: The application of calcium flour in simpping need to be done as calcium suplement for middle class society. Asian moon scallop shell can be used as alternative calcium source, and its processing into calcium flour can be used to decrease waste of fresh scallop processing.

Scallop atau Kerang Simping atau Kerang Kampak atau Amusium pleuronectes

Bambang Argo Wibowo Indonesia. Kementerian Riset, Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi. Abstract Asian moon scallop shell can be used as alternative calcium source, and its processing ximping calcium flour can be used to decrease waste of fresh scallop processing.


AAS Atomic Absorbtion spectrophotometrywere used to analyze the heavy metal concentration, while the consumption of security analysis was used to analyze the MTI Maximum Tolerable Intake.

Susanna Endah Ratnawati Indonesia. The aims of study was to examine the effect of addition calcium flour, millet flour and corn flour in extrudate with consideration on ratio of calcium and phosphorus.

Moreover, this study was also aimed to investigate the maximum weekly consumption A. Hedonic value was tested by Kruskall Wallis analysis.

Cr concentration in the soft tissue were only detected siping the third sampling with 0, ppm, while in the scallop’s shells ranged from 1, — 2, ppm, and in the sediments were 0, — 1, ppm, sijping its concentration in water was not detected. The Keran concentration in soft tissue were ranged from 5, — 8, ppm, scallop’s shell were 2, — 5, ppm, and water were 0,01 ppm at 2nd and 3rd samplings, while at the first sampling was not detected, whereas in the sediments the concentration ranged from 0, — 0, ppm.

Asian moon scallop is one of potential commodity alongside east coastal of Central Java. Calcium content in extrudate with modification of calcium flour and corn flour is This product has market potential and can be used as calcium source in the society. The range of the analysis results of Pb concentration in somping scallop’s shells were 33, — 35, ppm, and 11, — 13, ppm in the sediments, while the concentration in the soft tissues and water, were not detected.

  ACI 301-99 PDF

User Username Password Remember me. The method used in this study was a study case method, while the purposive sampling method was used to determine the sampling locations. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages. F in modification with calcium flour and millet flour.

kerang simping – Kerang Ajaib’s photo in Ir. Haji Juanda (Dago Bawah) Bandung | OpenRice Indonesia

Sampling was conducted once every two week, with three repetitions. Maximum weekly intake of scallop in Wedung water which are safe for consumption were 22,64 kg for Cu; 0,06 kg for Cd; and 5,76 kg of Cr per week for people with average body weight 60 kg, while the Pb concentration not detected. The study was conducted in October-November Wedung, Demak which have large potential of asian moon scallop Amusium pleuronectes.

View original from ejournal-s1. Those activities were thought to be one of the sources of heavy metals Pb, Cu, Cd, Cr accumulated in the simping.

This potential has leaded the increasing activities of fishing, industrial, and dense residential in Wedung. The parameter analyzed were proximate test, calcium and phosphorus test and physical test hedonic scale and breaking strength. Diponegoro Journal of Marine Research.