Hacia el abolicionismo y el minimalismo. LA CUESTIÓN CRIMINAL FUE ESCRITA POR: a) Ávila Santamaría. b)Zazzali. c) Zaffaroni. La Cuestion Criminal: ZAFFARONI EUGENIO RAUL: Books – ZAFFARONI La Cuestión Criminal – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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The program of the seditious organization contains goals already attained years ago in Uruguay, points which were contained in the plans of national traditional parties, and other propositions that are not even admissible in the countries with the system of government which the extremists say they are imitating.

Lopez Lomba, Juan E. Of these parties, 12 are in power, 35 function legally, 31 illegally, and 6 are in a “semilegal” condition.


It is all- encompassing, implacable and infinitely deceitful. The effects of that rivalry can be seen in the repeated political and diplomatic battles in Asia, Africa and the Middle and Far East and Latin America between the two factions in struggle, and also in the midst of the communist parties, zaffarono the international communist fronts, and the groups that aline themselves, whether it be under the leadership of Moscow or in the Maoist ranks.

Disqus — Fundamentals Fundamentals of microprocessors and microcomputers by b. The other is economic struggle, the occupation by socialism of first place in the world production as an industrial superpower.

A nation whose spirit drinks from the fountains of such a concept, sooner or later will have to clash with the other nations. There will be imposed on humanity, pursuant to dogmas learned in chorus, without mercy and for all times, the absolute dominion 68 exercised by a “priestly” class which has appointed itself as such. Every act of good will, tolerance, or conciliation government leaders or statesmen will be used to bring about their own downfall.

It was there that under the direction of the Special Schools Department, a section of the Cuban DGI [General Intelligence Office], thousands and thousands of “students” from Latin American countries, Uruguay included, as will be seen later on, were instructed. Despite the fact that they are relatively small in number, they are fanatically dedicated to the use of violence criminap intimidation to achieve their zaffarohi.


If you react, we shall annihilate you. The basis for these repeated successes, as the movement began to lose strength, resided exactly on the propensity of its members to inform, with every-growing fluency, on the activities of the other members of the organization.

Our first and most important step is to introduce maximum chaos into the culture of the enemy. There are no racial problems or separation of social groups in Uruguay.

Be the first to review 6t item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: In the “Great Socialist Cultural Revolution in China,” book published in Peking in 1 by the Foreign Language Publications of the State, it is warned, with the words of Mao, that after eliminating the armed enemies there still remain the unarmed enemies, who must not be underestimated, and that in order to safeguard the construction of socialism, it is imperative that the socialist revolution be carried out to its conclusion in the political, economic, ideological and cultural fronts, and so forth.

Actually, it is very obvious t ha t this subversion is a reality with an alarming potential today. Nevertheless, something must be said here on one of the main parts of that enormous apparatus of communist penetration: Revolution is a military operation: Coexistence, disarmament, ideological pluralism and “detente” are tactical trickery in the vast psychopolitical offensive unleased by the USSR and with which it has managed to lull the attention of the West, making it conceive false illusions of an international harmony while it gains time and space which tilts the balance of forces in all areas in its favor more and more.

Collaboration with insurrectionist movements in any country where they take place is in effect a theory of Soviet inspiration, whose experience in this matter was developed harshly over a long period of time in their aggression against, and domination of.



In Burma, the Chinese communists led the “white flags,” a military branch of the communist party previously under Soviet supervision. This is the time when many U. Meyer, “Leninism,” Cambridge, Mass. There are no considerations, infiltrations or deviations: Second, the USSR indirectly, although with no less reality, rules another 90 million subjects in Crimknal Europe distributed among seven nations the Soviet Army occupied inplus some 10 million inhabitants of Mongolia and North Korea.

The famous “Berry Letter,” which was commented on all over the world in crikinal is an example.

World Federation of Democratic Youth, created hy the Komsomol in Despite the fact that it is perfectly well-known and even the tactics used by the cfiminal are known, this is frequently forgotten and they begin once more. Barely a month has passed since the police discovered a new guerrilla band training to attack it.

Almost all of the leftist leaders from here who went there for other reasons at least engaged in target practice and acquired a knowledge of weapons Government Printing Office, Washington, D.

La Cuestión Criminal by Leslie Santillán M on Prezi

The people must then assume the responsibility of their own defense and unmask and destroy the many zaffarroni of such types of aggressions. Revolt organized by the communists induring which the Colombian capital suffered for 3 days from an orgy of assassinations, fires and anarchy, which took a toll of about 4, dead and buildings in ruins. Do not fear for your grandchildren.

The world revolutionary process progresses impetuously. It is also of interest to make some observations with respect to what subversion euphemistically calls “mass action front”.